Ian Fraser

Board Member

As co-founder of the popular scavenger hunt cellphone based game, The Go Game, Ian  is a visionary and forward thinking entrepreneur on the subject of turning work into play. After running interactive games on the streets of San Francisco with groups of players who used their phones to solve clues and perform tasks, Ian turned his vision into a bonafide company and a five million dollar business. The Go Game was the first location-based game of its kind. Over the past 15 years, the game has evolved to be a leading provider in corporate team building, running over 100 events a month around the globe, with clients like Facebook, Google and Genentech. Before founding the Go Game, Ian—who hails from New York City—attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and led groups of incarcerated youth on month-long expeditions in the wilderness of Florida with Outward Bound, as well as working with Juma Ventures. Ian is a Berkeley resident and father of three.