PLATINUM LEVEL $1,000,000 +

GOLD LEVEL $100,000 – $999,999

SILVER LEVEL $10,000 – $99,999

BRONZE LEVEL $1,000 – $9,999

All Stars Helping Kids
Bay Area Coalition for Play
Community Rejuvenation Project
Contra Costa Child Care Council
Global Giving Foundation
The James Irvine Foundation
Mark and Carrie Casey Family Fund
Northern California Grantmakers

Oracle Education Foundation
Richmond Community Foundation
Saint Francis Foundation
S.H. Cowell Foundation
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
SunPower Foundation
The Tides Foundation
West Contra Costa Unified School District


PLATINUM LEVEL $1,000,000+

Denise Yamamoto and Josh Hannah

GOLD LEVEL $100,000 – $999,999

Galen Hoskin and Dina Wolkoff
Kathryn and Robert Riddell

SILVER LEVEL $10,000 – $99,999

Ali and Lina Nazar
Anne & Mary Fund
Arianne Dar
Beryl Golden
Craig Sherman and Susan Shin
Debra and Andy Rachleff
Derek Benham and Rachel Joffe Benham
Dr. Tony Iton
Eleonore Hockabout
Grant Hurst and Ashlei Baker Hurst
Gregory and Dorothy Hoskin
Hank Levy
Jami and Andrew Zakem
Jane Perry and Robert Devaney
Joanne Casey
John and Marianne Gerhart

Julie Roemer
Kathryn Hannah
Mark and Carrie Casey Family Fund
New Ground Fund
Peg Smith and Cheryl Dobbins
Phoebe Tanner
Peleh Fund
Sheila Duignan and Mike Wilkins
Schroeder Family Foundation
Sharon Wurtzel
Stuart Davidson
Stew Winchester
Sue Conley and Nan Haynes Family Fund
Sui Generis Foundation
Susan Conley and Nan Haynes
Zev Wexler

BRONZE LEVEL $1,000 – $9,999

Alina Politzer
Alison Lingane and Gabriel Kobban
Anne Perkins
Anne Marie and Wylie Peterson
Basil Hefni
Barbara Dunne and Joan Martin
Beth and Jim Thomsen
The Beyer Family
Blake and Michelle Gilmore
Brad and Jane Omick
Brian Porter and Philippa Roberts Porter
Bruce and Audrey Yamamoto
Carl and Lisa Brodsky
Carl and Wendy Kawaja
Carla Basom
Carla Javits and Margaret Cecchetti
Catherine Waller
Cerissa Tanner
Chamberlin Family Foundation
Cheryl Maier and William Dabney
Chris and Nina Buchbinder
Chris and Karla Kelly
Christian and Diana Sonne
Claire and Jason Zintak
Craig McNamara
Dana and Angela Stalder
Daniel Chao and Clara Shih
Daniel Iacofano and Susan Goltsman
Dave and Tina Walton
David Hu and Hyunka Lee
David Cogan
Debra and Paul Underwood
Derek Dragotis
Diane Martin
Donald O’Neal and Sally Johnston O’Neal
Doug and Ramiah Brien
Eli Cohen and Margarita Casanova
Ellen Plane
Eric Keisman
Eric Taylor and Diana Yovino-Young
Frank and Ellen Herrmann
Fred Hartwick
Gail and David Offen-Brown
George Miller
Ginnie Haas and Peter Haas Jr
Gloria Smith
Gregory and Lisa Wendt
Helen Marcus
Ian Fraser and Susan Middelton-Fraser
Jackie Schlemmer
Jane Solomon
Jeff Romm
Jefrey and Erin Lager
John Callaway
Jon and Hope Kragh
Judith Myers and MC Gee
Judy Gong
Karen Roemer and Richard Buckner
Kathryn Rogers
Kenneth Oster

Kevin Gurney
Kim Bender
Kriss Deiglmeier and Samir Tuma
Kristin Leimkuhler and Jeffrey Wilk
Lana Martarella
Larry Solomon
Laura Congdon and Kelly Martin
Lawrence Berman and Rhea Rubin
Leah Hoskin
Lisa Lucheta and Richard Vaterlaus
Lori and Steve Hart
Lorie Hill
Lucas Silva
Lucy Hartwell
Lucy Leong and Rich Chen
Manil Bajracharya and Binita Pradhan
Margaret Simpson and Douglas Booth
Mark Peters and Erin Huschke
Markus and Amy Mullarkey
Marnie Crawford Samuelson
Martin Romo and Leesa Miao
Maryn and Gary Hurlbut
Matthew and Dawn Ridgway
Matthew Sonefeldt and Brianna Wilkes
Maureen O’Leary and Mark Demming
Michael Jones
Michelle and Ed Sarti
Mike Lanza and Perla Ni
Mukul Malhotra
Nannette & Ramses Erdtmann
Network for Good Donors
Niels Povlsen
Pamela Curtis
Paul Shain and Barbara Getz
Peter and Robin Ruby
Philippa Roberts and Brian Porter
Rann Phibbs
Rhea Rubin and Lawrence Berman
Reid and Anne Buckley
Richard Barker
Roseann Dal Bello
Rodney and Kristen Loo
Roger Smith
Sara Fain
Shannon Williamson and Roehl Flores
Sarita Waite
Sharon Healy-London
Stacy Owens and Gino Monteiro
Steven and Elizabeth Haggerty
Steven and Susan Grand
Susan and George Yamamoto
Susan and Harvey Wittenberg
Syed and Syeda Nazar
The Ghostlight Fund
Todd and Yoko Narter
Tom and Shirley Butt
Tony Iton
Toody Maher
Various Individual Cash Donations (Tours)
Wayne Greene and Rose Guggenheim
Wendy Lichtman and Louis Hagler

SUSTAINING DONORS – Monthly Giving Program

Cherry and Paul Normington
Deb and Kevin Cook
Emily Strayer
Erin and Eric Fish
Hank Levy
Jami and Andrew Zakem
Jane Perry and Robert Devaney
Kim Bender

Laurence Fischer and Sue Schweik
Lauri Nelson
Stacy Owens and Gino Monteiro
Susan Bohan
Ted and Ashley Paff
Wendy and Mike O’Malley
William Meyer


Big Chief Tree Service – Tree Care
Bruce Williams – Team-Building and Mediation
Eleonore Hockabout – Playwork
Ferrous Studios Inc. – Metalwork
Jane Perry – Playwork
Lawrence Construction Inc. – General Contracting, Woodwork
Michael J. Timpane – SMTD Law LLP
Nancy Feinstein – Organizational Development

Phoebe Tanner – Certified California Naturalist
SBCA Tree Consulting – Arborist
Scientific Art Studio – Illustration, Design, and Fabrication
Stew Winchester – Horticulturalist
Susan Douglass – Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu
Sylvia Salgado – Massage Therapy
Ty Bowers Design – Graphic Design


GOLD LEVEL $100,000 – $999,999

SILVER LEVEL $10,000 – $99,999

BRONZE LEVEL $1,000 – $9,999

Big Chief Tree Service
BGGC, Inc.
Channel Lumber Company
Clements Tree Service, Inc
Facebook, Inc.
Fehr and Peers
Ferrous Studios Inc.
GoldieBlox, Inc.
Goldman Sachs
Gymboree Play & Music
Integrated Analytical Solutions, Inc.
Laner Electric Supply Co.

Omega Pacific Electrical Supply, Inc.
One Love LLC
Opticos Design, Inc.
Roger Smith
Rotary Club of Richmond, Inc.
S.E. Owens & Company
Sims Metal Management
Waypoint Homes, Inc.
WCI-GC, Inc.