• To transform Iron Triangle parks and streets into safe, beautiful, green oases that provide 5,000 at-risk children with a safe place to play and the community with a place to gather.

  • To provide high-quality play opportunities at the park as a vehicle to spark and foster a child’s healthy social/emotional, cognitive, physical, linguistic, and creative development.

  • To support the needs of parents so that they can support the needs of their children.

  • To hire, train, and empower community residents – those who know their neighborhood best – to plan, design, build, and manage these reimagined and rebuilt “Pogo Parks” themselves as a vehicle of workforce and community development.

  • To restore blighted and environmentally degraded parks and streets into vibrant green oases that provide an opportunity for the community to connect with the natural world and natural systems.

  • To create a new model for how to transform underutilized city parks into stimulating, green, and vibrant public spaces that can be replicated in other city parks in Richmond and beyond.