Hank Levy

Board Treasurer

Veteran CPA, Hank Levy, currently serves as County Treasurer-Tax Collector for Alameda County. A deeply respected source of tax information, Hank possesses a broad range of expertise and talent in business consulting and tax planning for over 30 years, including family law and civil litigation. After growing up in New York City and obtaining a degree from Swarthmore College, Hank moved out west where he obtained a Master’s Degree before going on to work for CPA firms, ultimately opening his own practice. The Henry Levy Group includes 30 employees, with four partners and five offices in Northern California. Hank teaches and lectures frequently, is widely quoted as an expert in publications, and appears as a witness for forensic accounting. He is on the boards of North Atlantic Books, and on the finance committee of La Pena. When he’s not working, Hank spends time umpiring baseball several times each week. A father of four and resident of Oakland, Hank possesses a love for data, and hopes to use his passion and expertise to help grow Pogo Park.