Galen Hoskin

In Memoriam (1964-2018)

Galen was with Pogo Park since the beginning, functioning as the first President of Pogo Park’s Board of Directors. He was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in December 2015 and left us on January 10, 2018. All of Pogo Park’s staff and board are deeply shaken and saddened by the loss of this big-hearted and visionary man. Galen operated at the leading edge of fiscal investment and analysis on a worldwide scale, as a partner at the Capital Group Companies, where he served for 22 years as an analyst and global portfolio manager. With decades of experience managing large investments at the international level, Galen spent his days jetting across the globe while directing a sophisticated hedge fund that had a single focus on semiconductors and consumer electronics throughout Asia and the world. Galen rose to his rank by dreaming big while growing up underprivileged in a small working-class town in Colorado. After gaining acceptance to Middlebury College in Vermont, he leveraged their program in East Asian studies to learn Mandarin, obtaining the necessary edge to access the international business arena. First traveling in Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong while sourcing operations for Macy’s, he went on to get his MBA from Columbia Business School and was soon hired by Capital Research as an equity investment analyst. With a proven knack for summing up new fiscal opportunities in an instant, Galen was committed to investing in the next generation. A father of four and resident of Oakland, Galen was introduced to Toody Maher many years ago and knew right away that Pogo Park was special. “Pogo will revolutionize the way parks are imagined, built and operated,” he said, “because they are parks of, by, and for the people of the community. In a riff on Robert Fulham’s great insight, I believe that almost everything we need to know we can learn playing in a healthy playground.”