The Contra Costa Health Department’s recent order dated September 4, 2020 mandates that playgrounds in city parks must be closed for use. However, they do allow the public to use picnic and bbq areas in city parks.

Pogo Park is following these orders.

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus by children playing on the same play structures, we put caution tape around Elm Playlot’s (Pogo Park #1) Zip Line, Global Village of playhouses, and Disc Swings. Still, Elm Playlot is open to the public – provided people stay at least 6 feet from others.

During COVID, we see community residents come to Elm Playlot every day to walk multiple times around the trike path for exercise. Families bring their children to the park – the only safe, green space in this community – to run around and play tag. Others come to sit in the garden by the mountain stream to listen to the sound of gurgling water, watch the world go by, or read a book. Elm Playlot’s community garden is thriving: more and more people are coming to harvest peppers, red chard, kale, collard greens, cilantro, Italian parsley, lemons, persimmons, and cucumber.

The Pogo Park staff continue to watch over Elm Playlot on a daily basis, rake the leaves, clean the park and surrounding streets, and disinfect the entry gates, benches, and picnic tables. Our goal: to ensure that, even during COVID, thousands of Iron Triangle residents continue to have access to a beautiful green space – and a place to connect with the natural world – in their own neighborhood. Being in a natural green space helps everyone – children and adults alike – endure the strains that COVID is putting on our daily lives.