February 27, 2014

In 2009, youth from Richmond’s Iron Triangle neighborhood conceptualized the Yellow Brick Road project. The plan was to identify the key community assets of the Iron Triangle (schools, parks, community centers, BART, etc.) and then stencil yellow bricks across the streets and sidewalks that link these assets together. The resulting Yellow Brick Road would be maintained and protected by the community, providing a network of safe, green, and clean walking routes.

Recognizing the promise of this vision, Caltrans awarded a planning grant to the City of Richmond in partnership with Pogo Park and the Local Government Commission. Starting with a dedicated group of volunteer residents of different ages and backgrounds, we’re working together to get the Yellow Brick Road off the ground. The Caltrans grant has also enabled us to add transportation planning and design experts from Fehr and Peers to help us with design tools and strategies to improve safety and walkability.

Last week, Pogo Park staff and community volunteers kicked off the project’s identification phase. Each day, these residents walked the Iron Triangle to pinpoint key community assets, determine the best routes for the Yellow Brick Road, and record any barriers that prevent walkability.

Click here for more pictures of Yellow Brick Road’s identification phase.