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$8.5 Million for Harbour 8 Park


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Richmond Wins $8.5 Million State Park Grant to Develop Harbour-8 Park.

March 3, 2020: Pogo Park partnered with the City of Richmond and The Conservation Fund to secure a highly competitive $8.5 million Prop 68 parks grant to expand and improve Harbour-8 Park on the Richmond Greenway. The grant funds will make possible a new community center, a children’s play area, two ziplines, a bbq/picnic area, and public art, as well as security cameras, lighting, and a restroom.

According to the State’s website, the Prop 68 park grants are “the largest investment in grant funding history targeted for underserved communities.”

Pogo Park’s Harbour-8 Expansion Project will create an improved park and playground for children to play. The Project will also create jobs and training opportunities for 150 community residents living in one of Richmond’s most under-resourced communities.

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$12.7M in State Grants to Significantly Enhance two Richmond Parks.

February 26, 2020

Two Richmond parks are set to be significantly enhanced via a combined $12.7 million in Prop. 68 grants, the California Department of Parks and Recreation announced on Tuesday.

Of those funds, $8.5 million will be used to continue expansion at Harbour-8 Park located on the Richmond Greenway between Harbour Way and 8th Street. The funds will be used to construct a community center, children’s play area, two entry gateways, two ziplines, a bbq/picnic area, public art, security cameras, lighting and a restroom, according to Pogo Park, the nonprofit staffed by Iron Triangle residents that also built Elm Playlot and Unity Park.

Pogo Park partnered with the City of Richmond and The Conservation Fund to secure the $8.5 million grant.

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Pogo Park’s Yellow Brick Road Featured in 2018 CARB Report

March 31, 2019

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) featured a profile of Pogo Park’s Urban Greening Project: “Greening the Yellow Brick Road” in their annual report. The goal of the profile is to humanize projects on the ground by telling the story of how Cap and Trade dollars are helping real Californians and their communities. The Urban Greening grant is a $4.1 million grant to “green” the Yellow Brick Road – a safe walking and biking street in the Iron Triangle.

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