Harbour-8 Park

Pogo Park partnered with The Trust for Public Land to design and build a children’s play area, a community garden, bio-swale and plant trees on a two block section of the Richmond Greenway named Harbour-8 Park. Pogo Park provides staffing and free programming for children at Harbour-8 Park from Monday-Friday, 12 noon to dark. 

Project Status

As Pogo Park receives financial suppport for Harbour-8, we continue to design, build, and develop the site. We constructed a 500 foot fence on one side of the park from funds we received from local businesses and supporters. Then we hired local artists to paint a mural on the fence. Then we partnered with the Trust for Public Land to design and build the clubhouse, sandbox, toddler swings, spider-web, perimeter fence and wood benches.


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