ORIGIN OF YELLOW BRICK ROAD:  In 2009, a group of youth from the community came up with The Yellow Brick Road, a brilliant idea for how to make the neighborhood safer for children and families. They imagined a safe and beautiful bike and walking route – a path through the neighborhood that connects key community assets such as churches, transportation, parks and schools.


HEADER: Pogo Park led the effort to bring together multiple partners from the policy field, experts in walkable cities, transportation engineers, public health officials and the City of Richmond to win a $6.2 million CalTrans grant (the 3rd highest grant award in California) to build the first leg of the Yellow Brick Road in the Iron Triangle neighborhood.  The design and engineering for this project is underway.


HEADER: In 2017 the California Natural Resources Agency awarded Pogo Park and The City of Richmond a $4.1 million Urban Greening Grant to “green” the Yellow Brick Road. This grant will build on the $6.2 million ATP project to add critical green infrastructure, including planting hundred of trees and native plants, turning the Yellow Brick Road into a pollinator pathway for living things. The Yellow Brick Road will not only be beautiful – it will clean the air and filter the water.


HEADER: Landscape architects, designers, engineers, and artists around the country are hailing the Yellow Brick Road as one of the most visionary urban planning projects in the country.

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