Laura Congdon

Special Projects

Laura has had a dynamic 20-year career in the nonprofit world leading, operating and growing social purpose enterprises and programs that focus on youth and other marginalized populations. Over the years she has worked at many youth and workforce development organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco where she was Director of Outcome Measurement for four years, at BUILD Oakland where she was Site Director, and she also spent many years at Juma Ventures as General Manager and then Director of Training.  Recognized throughout her professional life as a motivational leader who has a willingness to listen, collaborate, and think creatively, she loves working as part of a team and directing projects. Currently Laura is Pogo Park’s utility infielder who can manage multiple projects, build relationships with community partners, and support and train staff as needed. Laura lives in San Rafael, CA with her partner and son.

l a u r a @ p o g o p a r k . o r g