Joe Griffin

Director of Research


Joe Griffin, Director of Research | Public Health Connector.  Joe is a PhD student in public health at UC Berkeley, who was born and raised in the heart of Richmond’s central core neighborhoods. Joe leads the research collaboration between the Iron Triangle community and researchers at UC Berkeley for Pogo Park. He also advises how to transform Pogo Park into a place that promotes healthy development of children and families. Passionate about Richmond, Joe has volunteered with Pogo Park since 2008 where he was critical in implementing a process called PhotoVoice that allowed local residents to convey their feelings about their neighborhood. His expertise in community violence prevention and intervention has earned him the distinction of becoming a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholar. Joe lives in Vallejo and is a parent to a newborn daughter. He loves working with Pogo Park because it gives him the rare opportunity to give back to his community.

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