Ande Cira

Salesforce | Special Projects

As the Salesforce | Special Projects point person, Ande excels in developing the systems that help Pogo Park utilize technology to grow. A Midwest/East Coast hybrid, Ande has a B.S. in psychology and has worked in myriad roles since moving to the Bay Area 15 years ago. From managing programs and projects in the design division at California College of the Arts to running a nonprofit animal shelter for Northern California Family Dog Rescue, Ande enjoys using creative problem solving to thrive in a startup environment. She is also passionate about installation art, functional design, wildlife and pets. Regarding her work at Pogo Park, she says she loves the framework of holistic community development, where every nuance matters, nothing is superficial, and every project is “built from the inside out.” Ande lives in San Francisco with her wife Giti, a senior Maine Coon named Aslan, and a “chug,” Sushi.

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