Yellow Brick Road

Recently a group of youth who live in the Iron Triangle neighborhood of Richmond imagined how to safely link together key resources in their community − churches, schools, parks and other facilities. They envisioned a “Yellow Brick Road, ” a pedestrian and bike path marked by bright, yellow patterns stenciled directly onto public sidewalks and roads. The aim of the Yellow Brick Road is designate safe walking and biking routes for everyone in the community to navigate to and from important places within the Iron Triangle neighborhood.
Pogo Park facilitated interagency community meetings and public meetings for the project. In the next phase of the project, street design expert and pedestrian advocate Dan Burden will be working with community members to finalize the route and street crossing changes for the Yellow Brick Road project. The Yellow Brick Road will be implemented as part of citywide street renovations in the coming years.
Project Status: Planning phase funded.
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