Harbour-8 Park

Pogo Park partnered with The Trust for Public Land to design and build a children’s play area, a community garden, bio-swale and plant trees on a two block section of the Richmond Greenway named Harbour-8 Park. 

Project Status

As Pogo Park receives financial support for Harbour-8, we continue to design, build, and develop the site. We first constructed a 500 foot fence on one side of the park using funds from local businesses and supporters, and hired local artists to paint a mural. We then partnered with the Trust for Public Land to design and build a clubhouse, sandbox, toddler swings, spider-web, perimeter fence and wood benches. In spring of 2017, we worked with renowned Bay Area arborists Stew Winchester, Peter Rudy, and Steve and Molly Batchelder to plant an “International Oak Forest” featuring 21 oak trees from around the world. In the future, we hope to provide full-time staffing and regular programming for Harbour-8, just as we do for Elm Playlot.

In partnership with The Conservation Fund, we recently obtained a 17,500 square foot parcel of land adjacent to Harbour-8, and are currently seeking funding to expand and further develop the park.


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