Advisory Board

Carla Javits, President and CEO of REDF, brings her formidable experience at the epicenter of the social enterprise movement to consult on Pogo Park Products and social purpose enterprise.

Tony Thurmond, California State Assemblymember District 15, former member of Richmond City Council and West Contra Costa School Board, lends his experience at the intersection of policy and actualization to support the organization.

Gina Moreland, founder and executive director, Habitot Children’s Museum, uses her skills and background to help transform our parks into vibrant play spaces.

Ron Holthuysen, founder of Scientific Art Studio and a world-renowned designer of play structures—lends his expertise to instruct, train and inspire our staff on the craft of creating play structures.

Andrew Butt, architect and principal, Interactive Resources, is renowned for his knowledge of historical buildings and helps Pogo Park to restore its buildings within a historical context.

Jay Beckwith, playground designer, author of “Build Your Own Playground,” and former sales manager, strategizes with Pogo Park on the design of playgrounds and products for Pogo Park.

Sarita Waite, Developer Temescal Alley, brings her expertise in urban revitalization and development to Pogo Park.

Chris Kelly, California State Director, Conservation Fund and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, lends his expertise in public land acquisition to Pogo Park.

Dan Burden, Director of Innovation and Inspiration Blue Zones, helps Pogo Park create healthy living environments with pedestrian friendly zones in our public spaces.

Otheree Christian, President of Iron Triangle Council helps Pogo Park engage the community’s disparate voices in our projects.

Jordan Simmons, Creative Director East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, helps Pogo Park to connect children living in the Iron Triangle neighborhood with the performing arts.

Matthew Ridgeway, President Fehr and Peers, brings his skills as a seasoned transportation planning expert to the organization.

Josh Meyers, Director of Community Planning Programs, Local Government Commission, Sacramento, helps guide Pogo Park on creating a livable community.

Joan Almon, Director, U.S. Alliance for Childhood and author of “Adventure: The Value of Risk in Children’s Play,” assists Pogo Park with creating value around “Play.”