kids_shovelsFounded in 2007, Pogo Park is an entrepreneurial community-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Richmond, California. Pogo Park is supported by a network of renowned experts in child development, community development, landscape architecture and design, urban planning, permaculture, sustainable communities, public health, public safety, public art, greening, architecture, and fabrication. All of them contribute their knowledge to the goal of building better parks and play spaces for children and healthier communities in this country’s most underserved neighborhoods.

The Pogo Park Vision

We believe that it is possible to transform lives by transforming public space. We do this by re-imagining and building urban parks and playgrounds that foster healthy child development and revitalize communities.


  • To create natural, imaginative, magical, outdoor play spaces that are designed to spark children’s physical, cognitive, linguistic, social, and emotional development;
  • To transform parks and playgrounds into vibrant hubs of community life;
  • To use the building of vibrant parks and playgrounds as a catalyst for energizing and revitalizing the surrounding neighborhoods; and
  • To develop a new community-based development model for city parks that can be replicated throughout the city of Richmond and beyond.