What is a Pogo Park?

Any space can be made into a Pogo Park. It just needs to follow these five rules:

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1. Staff the Park 

Hire local people to work in the park daily, ensuring the park is safe, clean and welcoming to children and families.



2. Make a Park Office

A park office provides a place where the community can interact with staff, and a visual symbol that a park is being watched over. It also provides storage for “loose parts” for play.



3. Offer Basic Comforts

A park must have a clean working bathroom, a water faucet and a place to sit in the shade

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4. Provide Rich Opportunities for Play

By creating spaces that allow children to interact with natural elements, such as sand, water and green space, children can engage in healthy free play. A Pogo Park is the opposite of a park with a pre-fabricated play structure.





5. Make the Space a Community Hub

Branch out and offer other services and amenities in the park, by connecting mobile libraries, health clinics and farmer’s markets to your space.