Impact + Evaluation

EvaluationTo measure our progress in achieving our goals, Pogo Park partnered with Dr. June Tester of UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, Dr. Irene Yen from UCSF and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to evaluate how the renovation of Pogo Park’s Elm Playlot project impacts community health. In this study, Drs. Tester and Yen are measuring:

  • If children come to renovated Elm Playlot more than they did before;
  • If children move more; and
  • If and how the renovation of this park leads to increased neighborhood cohesion.

The results of this study will help to demonstrate the acute need for better play environments for at-risk youth across the country.

Additionally, Pogo Park is partnering with Dr. Jason Corburn at UC Berkeley to conduct a participatory-based research project to measure the impact of Pogo Park’s two parks on multiple metrics of community health.