Pogo Park specializes in park and play area development and community engagement projects. The interlinking of these two types of projects is essential to our work – one cannot function well without the other. From start to finish, all of our projects are conceptualized, designed, constructed and managed by local community members. We employ local neighborhood residents for our projects, who become essential project team members. As part of our park and community work, we also emphasize complementary projects in public art, economic development and healthy eating/active living.

Pogo Park focuses on methods that work for the communities we are in. In our  community engagement work we conduct door-to-door surveys for entire neighborhoods, with residents talking to other residents, post hundreds of flyers, and partner with local agencies, non-profits, and faith organizations. Pogo Park schedules community celebrations with food and music, car washes, and outdoor design workshops to solicit residents’ feedback and to get people out, enjoying their parks and streets.

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