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Public Art

Art is an essential element of Pogo Park projects. It beautifies neighborhoods and creates a sense pride among residents. We view our projects as canvases for local artists to show their work and as a place for residents to share their culture. Continue reading

Economic Development

One of the major challenges to residents in the Iron Triangle is lack of employment. Pogo Park addresses this problem by employing local residents, adults and youth, to design, construct and manage the parks and play areas we sponsor. Continue reading

Healthy Eating, Active Living

At Pogo Park we believe that healthy food and regular physical activity are the building blocks for life-long health and for addressing specific health issues such as obesity, asthma and diabetes that are common in the communities we serve. Continue reading

Yellow Brick Road

Recently a group of youth who live in the Iron Triangle neighborhood of Richmond imagined how to safely link together key resources in their community − churches, schools, parks and other facilities. They envisioned a “Yellow Brick Road, ” a pedestrian and bike path marked by bright, yellow patterns stenciled directly onto public sidewalks and roads. Continue reading